Assessment of student learning is a fundamental function of higher education. It is the means by which we assure and express academic standards and has a vital impact on student behaviour, staff time, university reputations, league tables and, most of all, students’ future success. Aligned to the University’s Future Facing Learning Strategy, the Future Facing Assessment and Feedback Learning Lab is designed to support course leaders and teams to develop sustainable, manageable and effective assessment and feedback for their course. The Lab is designed to enable:

  • Recognition of and benchmarking against current national and international approaches to assessment and feedback
  • Development robust  quality assessment practice
  • Improvement of student learning experience through engagement with assessment and feedback
  • Development of an extended course-wide view of assessment and feedback

The aims of the Lab will be to explore issues and perspectives of assessment; identify specific priorities; evaluate, consolidate and augment existing knowledge of assessment design; consider the process and practice of assessment and feedback in light of key strategic drivers, facilitated through a structured evaluation of the assessment requirements of TU courses in order to be competitive, sustainable and manageable.

Lab dates for Semester 2 are below, please click the links to book your place:

Future Facing Assessment and Feedback Labs

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