week 10

Week 10

In week 10 I only had a few more things to finish in my level, I had noticed that my window and door frames had not been textured and I decided to sort them out, I also needed to add the stairs to the roofs for the height advantages for the archer and javelin units to access. 


As can be seen the windows were untextured. 

This is what they looked like when changed.

Here are the stairs I added in there are some on the house that is diagonally opposite to the one you can see too.

And here is my finished level.

In previous entries I had discussed adding a stream to go under the bridge and making my own ground textures so I could paint different areas to make them look more natural, however I found these to be out of my skill level at this current moment in time, I tried to follow a couple of tutorials but no matter what I did I could not get them working.

These are the tutorials I tried to follow. 

While I ran into some problems throughout the process overall it was very fun and interesting and given this was my first time trying I think I did quite well, I put a lot of effort in and I am very proud of what I made. I look forward to building more levels in the future, I hope to become more skilled and fluent in unreal and over the Christmas break may build another just for fun in my free time to develop a further understanding, especially trying to focus on the areas I struggled with, such as making a river, painting the landscape on my own so it looks more natural and a day and night cycle.

This concludes my 10 week blog, which I also enjoyed making.