Week 9

Week 9 

In week 9 I started to finalise my buildings by adding windows and doors and fixing all the walls in my village.

The texture I wanted to use just wouldn’t work.

So I had to use this one instead as it would.

To make the buildings more realistic I started to add windows with the subtractive box brush.

Inside I added wood to the walls even though the player won’t enter the buildings, I added it in case the player manages to catch a glimpse from outside.

I noticed some of the buildings did not touch the floor on all sides so I added foundations to the building so that the building would look more natural.

By the end I had most o the buildings done apart from one. I had added foundations to all of the buildings and added windows and doors to most with the subtractive box brush.

Week 8

Week 8

During week 8 I had planned to make some improvements, however most of what I planned did not work.

The main change I planned to make was to change my buildings walls from planes to box brushes. Which worked fine, the main reason I had chose to do this was because I had noticed that the planes had gap[s between them which were very noticeable. 

which box brushes, however, did not have the same problem and looked far neater.

I then encountered another problem, the surface material for the box brushes would not work.

I couldn’t find anything online about how to fix the issue, so tomorrow on Monday I will ask my tutor if he knows of a solution.

Week 7

Week 7

During week 7 I did not manage to get much done due to some problems I have been having outside of studies, which I have informed my tutors about. However I did get to mess about with the the landscape texturing, which still needs more adding to it to make it look more realistic, I plan to add dirt to the town centre floor to give the feel it has been walked on, and some stone and dirt on the hills. 

This is how the environment looks, as can be seen it is not very realistic.

I also tried to add a material to this bridge white box but it would not work and requires more investigation.

This concludes week 7.

Week 6

Week 6

During week 6 I focussed on turning the white boxes into actual buildings, to do this I built the individual walls and floors out of planes in unreal engine, as I found out they were easier to add assets onto.

I started by removing the boxes and filling in their space with brick floors, from a free roman building asset pack.

I did this by using individual planes.

I built all the buildings with this message slowly.

I eventually built them all. 

and rebuilt the light to see how it looked.

one nice thing that happened was the shadows helped me line up the floors and walls to where they needed to be, I felt I should include this as it was quite nice. 

That concludes week 6.

Week 5

Week 5

During week 5 I have been very ill and not manage to get much done, I did however manage to add some small details.

I added a riverbed using the sculpt tool.

White boxed in a bridge using a rectangle.

This is the view from the town.

I built the light for the level using the directional light in the place actors section.

I am glad to have gotten that done as I was tired of seeing those shadows in my level between the individual landscape tiles. 

With me not getting much done I hope to feel better in week 6 and get a lot more done such as replacing the building white boxes with some assets to make it more real.

That concludes week 5.