Week 4

Week 4 level design

During week 4, I started by adding more block out buildings and fixing my other sides flanking routes to make sure both sides looked right, as at first I had not done both sides how I wanted and left one side as a placeholder.

Next, I watched these tutorials to figure out the landscape tool:

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbIKoYGrATs&t=1s
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioIyN2McWuw&t=73s

I then had a first attempt at using the landscaping tools to make some background landscape for the back drop, the playable area will still only be the block out area I have already made.

The first one I used I felt was too large an area.

The second seemed much better suited to what I needed. I had adjusted the size down from 62×62 to 31×31.

My first couple of attempts did not go to plan.

This was my first attempt, it went wrong as I was just playing around and seeing what the different options did and was also far too close to the village.

I started again.

This time I ended up with collision with the village I could not fix.

I decided to watch the tutorials again and paid close attention to the specific parts about smoothing, sculpting and all of the other options such as brush size and tool strength did.

And I made a hilly area using the pieces I learned to surround my village I still need to learn more as I plan to put a river into my level and a small tributary leading into it from the hills surrounding the village.

I still have a small problem as there is a part of floating landscape which I need to remove if possible. I plan to ask my tutor about this to see if there is any way of dealing with this and if needs be watch some videos.

This concludes week 4.