Week 3

Week 3 Level Design

Coming into week 3 I was finding the process confusing still and decided to reach out to my friend Josh Burt who is in his third year of games design at Teesside also which he sent me some messages explaining what a white level/block out is and that this the first thing I should focus on getting in place. 

With this advice in mind, I got to work.

I first opened a template for a 3rd person game as I felt this was the most logical choice for this level given the type of game that Total War: Troy is.


I then deleted the walls from the template as my level was to be set outside. 

I then inserted a floor into the level.


Ensuring that they met the dimensions of the ISA, which was the size of a football field. (A football field is 105m by 68m).

I left the template character in to scale buildings properly.

I got to work making the main town centre area and also changed what I was using as the floor with the recommendation from my friend Josh. He recommended I use the cubes from the geometry tab which I did here.

I started building the side streets which would be my flank routes which I mentioned in an earlier post.

I finished the flanking routes and need to add more buildings which I will also scale properly.

Also in week 3 we were given a lecture on blogs which I had opted to wait for before starting mine to ensure I was on the right path. Which I believe I am and I’m enjoying the process. During this lecture we were also instructed to start the blogs which I have now done and made two separate entries detailing my work and thoughts for the first two weeks as well.

This concludes my work for week 3.