Week 1

Week 1 Level Design

During Week 1 we were shown the ICA for Industry Briefs, during this session we were taught about the UK games company “Creative Assembly”. Creative Assembly are a games studio that are behind the game “Total War: Troy”, for our ICA we are to design an in game asset for an upcoming DLC. The DLC, for the purpose of the ICA, is fully decided by us the students. My idea was to create a level for a DLC featuring set piece battles almost like those in the game “Halo Wars” or the “Omerta: City of Gangsters” story missions. The DLC would detail the events and story leading up to the Trojan wars, which the game is set in.

To do research on the game and how the combat works, to ensure my level would work within the game I watched many lets plays/playthroughs on YouTube to see how the tactics and strategies worked. When doing this I noticed that the game has a strong emphasis on flanking the enemy troops when they are snared into fights with other units. I also noticed some units had traits such as “runners” which are much faster units, there are hero units which run around the map helping to get the upper hand in all of the individual smaller parts of the battle and that there are ranged units such as throwing and archer units, as well as many different kinds of infantry with different levels of unit strength.

When designing my level I would have to ensure that all of these units would have a place to work in my level ensuring that the game could be played in the way the developers intended, I came out with the idea that I would do a town centre area with linking back streets to allow for the flanking style to be fully utilised, this would also break the battle up into smaller fights which would allow the heroes to be used in the way I had seen in the playthroughs, helping the units to win smaller parts of the battle. I had then thought about how to fit the ranged units into the battles and thought of the idea of having accessible roof tops to position them on, while having the flanking routes linked to these rooftops stairs adding more tactical options to the level. Making the player have to think about leaving infantry to protect the ranged units from the enemies forces who are flanking, which would potentially leave their forces in the main town area weaker or maybe even not use their archers at all if they wouldn’t want to. Either way it is all about having the option to do so.

I believe all of this would fit nicely into the game and it’s style and I was very excited to get to work.