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2D Backgrounds have been finished!!

We have finished the 2d background design, u guys can leave some suggestions to us! XD

Cave for Apprentice (with lotus lantern)

Cave for Apprentice

Top of the mountain

Final scene with title

Place for ChengXiang to practice Kong Fu


Chen Xiang(Child)’s modelling has been done!

Chen Xiang is son of San Sheng Mu, his mother was catch by his uncle, Chen Xiang always want to save his mother, finally he found monkey king’s help to learn divine power and get the Legendary Axe to defeat his uncle and save his mother.

We have done the characters design of ‘San Sheng MU’ & ‘Er Lang’

Hi guys, we just finish our characters design of ‘San Shen Mu’ and ‘Er Lang’. Plz give some suggestions to us !!!


San Sheng Mu
Chen’s mother is a fairy, she fall in love with a human, and they had a child who is Chen. However, it was not allowed at that time, so his father was murdered, his mother had to escape with Chen.

Er Lang

Er Lang is chen xiang’s uncle. He is one of the most power god with third eye. In the tale. He didn’t allow his sister who is San Sheng Mu fall in love with human. So he jail her under the mountain and also want to catch Chen Xiang.