Recreating Total War: Troy!!!

This week I began to build my Fury of the Gods project for Total War: Troy. This ability relies heavily on the inner workings of Total War: Troy, much of which is not available in the public domain. My original intention was to use the official development tools that the studio releases for community content creators. However, with the recent delays cause by bugs in the game and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Creative Assembly decided to delay the release of the development tools.

This has meant that I’ve been unable to get my hands on them and build my ability into the game itself. To counteract this I’m having to re-create a standard battle scene and the relevant scripting from scratch in the Unreal Engine 4. The creation of the terrain has been the focus of this weeks work. My current progress can be seen bellow.

So far I’ve created the project in Unreal Engine 4 and built the terrain. This has occurred in two parts. The first was sculpting the terrain using the built in terrain tools in Unreal applying various effects such as erosion to make the valley look more realistic. The second part was painting the terrain with the correct textures. I began by applying a green, grass base layer and then I added basic dirt and snow textures to the tops of the mountains that for the valley.

Next week I will begin to add the units and build the necessary background scripting to make my ability possible. That’s all for now. See you next week!