Week 12 Review

The only thing I had to do during Week 12 was finish off my reflective essay, which is now complete. It has 1488 words and discusses the work I did during the course as well as how I may have developed some of my skills by working on the course.

I have everything ready to upload to Blackboard now, and I have a couple of backups in place just in case something goes wrong with my PC. I will probably upload my work to Blackboard immediately after the lecture on Monday, in case anything comes up in the lecture that may affect what I need to upload.

Week 11 Review

During Week 11, I was not given any tasks by the leads, so most of my time was spent on my other module, finishing things off there.

I did spend some time working on my reflective essay, adding screenshots of my work as well as details of how I made certain Blueprints in Unreal Engine.

Hopefully during Week 12 I will be able to work on the game itself, otherwise my time will be spent finishing off the reflective essay as well as any leftover work for my other module.