Week 8 and 9 Review

My main task was exactly the same between Week 8 and Week 9: Developing the Boss Level

I have created an improved version of the Boss Level, and have added in functionality to the room in the form of Blueprints and Level Sequences. These involve moving platforms that the player must stand on to get through the level, lava that rises when the player reaches a certain point in the level, and flames that damage the player when they come into contact with each other.

This Boss Level is the third of the three levels to be included in the Vertical Slice, with this room including a Boss Battle at the end. AI for the Boss and assets for the level are being created by other members of the team. I have created the layout for the level and added the necessary Blueprints.

During the Easter Break, I may be given some tasks to complete. A task that I currently have is to find some sound effects for the game, which I shall be doing during the first week of the Easter Break.