Week 8 and 9 Review

My main task was exactly the same between Week 8 and Week 9: Developing the Boss Level

I have created an improved version of the Boss Level, and have added in functionality to the room in the form of Blueprints and Level Sequences. These involve moving platforms that the player must stand on to get through the level, lava that rises when the player reaches a certain point in the level, and flames that damage the player when they come into contact with each other.

This Boss Level is the third of the three levels to be included in the Vertical Slice, with this room including a Boss Battle at the end. AI for the Boss and assets for the level are being created by other members of the team. I have created the layout for the level and added the necessary Blueprints.

During the Easter Break, I may be given some tasks to complete. A task that I currently have is to find some sound effects for the game, which I shall be doing during the first week of the Easter Break.

Week 7 Review

During Week 7, I spent some time building a prototype for a puzzle that may be used in the game. This was a Trivia Puzzle, which would ask players questions related to the story of the game. The player would need to answer five questions and avoid making three mistakes to clear the puzzle.

This puzzle may not be used in the final game, but the video of the prototype is still there in case the team wishes to use this idea after all.

I also practiced building levels and built another short level in the game, with some ideas for how the level would work. Again, this level may not be used in the final game, but it is still there in case the team wishes to include it at some point.

Next week, my main task will be to start building the full version of the Boss Level. This version should be an expansion of the block out previously made, and will include various Blueprints and Level Sequences to spice up the level and challenge the player.

Week 6 Review

During this week, I spent time working in Unreal Engine, improving on the Boss Level I had previously made.

The Boss Level now has a platforming section that the player must get through before they can battle the Boss and complete the game.

I created a couple of custom blueprints for this level. One Blueprint is a floor that will disappear/reappear every three seconds. The player must time their movement/jumps to make sure they do not fall through the floor and into the lava, which would result in the player losing a life.

Another blueprint is a floor that moves when the player stands on it. In this level, the player must move onto this floor to get a wall, and must get off the platform before they end up in the lava.

This is not the final map for the level, however. It is mostly just a block-out created for practice, to see how the level would work and what needs to be improved. The level will be recreated in the coming weeks, and will be more polished with both Blueprints and Assets to create a challenging final level for the player to enjoy.

Next week will likely be my busiest week so far. I will be creating assets for my level to help the Artists, as the number of Designers on our team has left the Artists short-handed. I will be looking at redesigning the Final Level, using the current block-out to help in that regard. I will also be looking at creating a Puzzle for the game, using notes from the Gameplay Designers to assist me in that regard.

Week 5 Review

I spent some time during Week 5 working in Unreal Engine, helping with the Level Design, as there is not much more room for Narrative Design in the sort of game we are creating.

My focus was on designing rooms for the Memory sequences which I was working creating dialogue for in previous weeks, as well as creating a room for the Boss fight that will take place at the end of the game.

I also developed some ideas for the Boss fight itself, coming up with ideas for how the fight would pan out and how the player would win. I shared these ideas with the Programmers.

I am still waiting for an official task to be getting on with in Week 6, however I have thought about creating a level prior to the Boss fight, with some combat that the player must get through before reaching the Boss. I will have some ideas about traps that the player must get through during the level.