Week 4 Review

This week, my focus was on creating dialogue for the various events that will occur during the game. These events are:

  • When the protagonist wakes up at the start of the game, without her memory
  • When she recovers her first three memories, with each memory having two different scripts for Distorted Memories and Full Memories
  • When she recovers her final memory right before the final boss battle
  • When she defeats the final boss

The dialogue has been written in Word Documents and has been shared with the Team.

For Week 5, my tasks will involve improving the quality of the dialogue and helping with Level Design, helping to improve the quality of the levels in the game.

Week 3 Review

For Week 3, my main focus was on the Memory System being used in our game, as well as practicing creating dialogue.

The protagonist, Lisa, has lost her memory and recovers it during the course of the game. There will be four different memories that she recovers during the game.

  • Memory of her profession as a Doctor
  • Memory of learning about Science for the sake of humanity
  • Memory of meeting and marrying Dracula
  • Memory of her execution, on suspicion of Witchcraft

My idea is that these memories will either be her True Memories or False Memories. Whichever memory she recovers is based around player actions, such as how well they did in the previous level.

Her True Memories will be the same as the previous bullet point list, while her False Memories will either have limited details or will be twisted in ways that paint a bad picture of Lisa.

The True Memories lead towards the Good Ending, while the False Memories lead towards the bad ending.

The protagonist’s personality may also be affected by which memories they end up with, and so different dialogue will need to be created for the different outcomes in the game.

Next week, I will be doing more practice in creating dialogue for the Main Character, looking at how she would react to each memory she recovers, whether they are True Memories or False Memories.

First Post

I am in Team 6 for Journeyman 2021, and my main focus for the project will be on Narrative Design.

During the first two weeks, I have been researching the chosen theme for our game (Catlevania) as well as the role of a Narrative Designer, which includes designing aspects of a game such as the story and the dialogue, while also considering the ways in which the player can have an impact on the game’s story.

I will be updating my Blog every week, discussing work I have done during the week and how it helps the project overall.

My main task for next week will be creating dialogue for the main character of the game. This task will involve analysing dialogue in other games, looking at how and why it is used.

The personality of the character and the current scenario are two factors to consider when creating the dialogue for particular scenes.