Personality quiz and lecture groups

In Gill’s lecture on Tuesday, we were welcomed with a series of questions to which we had to answer A, B, C or D. Once all the questions had been answered we had to add up how many of each letter we had and the letter that had the majority meant that you had to go to a poster with that letter. For example mine was D and the information on my poster read that I was good at planning and problem solving. After this we went and found 3 members from other posters and created a group of 4. From this I felt that I had built good friendships with 3 other students and I thoroughly enjoyed this task.

In our groups, we were instructed to look to blackboard and make a poster about individual personalities in the workplace which was to be submitted that day. My group chose to work based on Cattell’s theory of 16 Personality Factors which outlines that every personality out there aligns to one of the 16 personalities within the workplace.

I felt that implementing theory helped me not only grasp a better idea of how to work as a group but also helped me understand the concept of what it will be like working with different individuals in the future and I think that this will help me in years to come. Joining as part of a group with people that I did not know seemed horrible at first, but since I have learned that it was a very valuable experience and it has helped me form more connections with other students. I will take this experience as a motive to not be too quick to judge anything and to be pushed to connect more with other students as I can learn a lot not just from Gill but also from the people around me.