Reflective analysis of my Short/ Intermediate and Long Term Goals

Gibbs Reflective Cycle: Short, Intermediate, and Long-Term Goals

Description: My short-term goal is transitioning from my finance role to become a real estate realtor. I bring relevant skills such as market understanding, communication, and customer service. My intermediate goal is launching my lingerie brand, leveraging my strengths in market trends, design, and customer connection. In the long term, I aspire to be a successful entrepreneur, with a diverse portfolio, passive income, and a thriving lingerie brand.

Feelings: Initially, I feel excited about the transition into real estate and launching my lingerie brand. I feel confident in my abilities and I’m eager to learn more about both industries. However, as I considered the long-term goal of achieving financial stability, I also felt a sense of responsibility and a need for careful planning to minimise risks.

Evaluation: The thought of transitioning into real estate makes me feel excited about the future. My customer service skills are useful but I recognise the need to deepen my understanding of the real estate market to ensure success. Registering with Launchpad seems like a strategic step for my intermediate goal of launching the lingerie brand as it provides access to essential resources.

Analysis: In my short-term goal, I have recognized the importance of continuous learning and adapting to a new industry. I need to focus on acquiring in-depth knowledge of real estate to excel. The intermediate goal of launching the lingerie brand demands a blend of creativity, business acumen, and customer engagement. Partnering with Launchpad aligns with my strategy to access the necessary support.

Conclusion: As I move forward, I see a clear alignment between my short, intermediate, and long-term goals. Transitioning into real estate not only provides financial backing for my lingerie brand but also lays the groundwork for passive income streams in the long term. Building a diversified portfolio and strengthening my brand’s presence through partnerships and social media are essential steps to achieve my overarching goal of entrepreneurial success and financial stability.

Action Plan: To deepen my understanding of the real estate market, I will enroll in relevant courses and engage in mentorship programs. For my lingerie brand, I will actively seek partnerships and focus on social media marketing. Continual reflection and adaptation will be crucial to navigate the dynamic journey toward my long-term goals.