My Personal Development Progress on This Module


My Personal Development Progress on This Module

Description: Over the past eight years, I have had a strong desire to establish my own lingerie brand. My passion and ambition for this venture was constant and I believed that I knew what I wanted to do in life. However, upon enrolling in this module and engaging in a systematic reflection on my aspirations and the steps required to achieve them, I was confronted with a sobering realisation. While my ambition remained intact, I recognised the extensive groundwork and planning essential to transform my dreams into reality.

Feelings: Initially, I felt a sense of both excitement and apprehension as I embarked on the journey of self-reflection. The excitement stemmed from a newfound clarity about my aspirations, while the apprehension was driven by the realisation of the substantial effort and commitment required.

Evaluation: The module has undeniably been instrumental in reshaping my career goals and providing me with a structured framework for evaluating my ambitions. It prompted me to assess the feasibility of my entrepreneurial endeavor and critically evaluate the steps required for its realisation. The insights into entrepreneurship during the module added depth to my understanding of the challenges and opportunities awaiting me.

Analysis: Through this process I have learned that the pursuit of entrepreneurship demands meticulous planning, market research, financial prudence, and a willingness to adapt. Additionally, it has allowed me to consider alternative paths to my ultimate goal. For instance, my newfound interest in real estate offers me a steady income while I work on my lingerie business. This offers financial stability and mitigates the risks associated with entrepreneurship (Smith, 2017).

Conclusion: In conclusion, this module has been highly effective in helping me reevaluate and refine my career aspirations. It has encouraged a more systematic and informed approach to achieving my entrepreneurial ambitions. By facilitating a comprehensive analysis and exploration of alternative avenues, it has empowered me to make more informed decisions about my future career path.

Action Plan: Moving forward, I intend to continue researching and learning about entrepreneurship, real estate, and business management. I will also seek mentorship and engage in practical experiences to gain valuable insights and skills necessary for achieving my goals (Gibb & Ritchie, 1981).


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