My reflection of Podcasting

Gibbs Reflection on Podcast Lecture
  1. Description: One of our lectures consisting of podcasting. we were tasked with brainstorming an idea for the podcast My group decided to develop a Q&A show focusing on topics relevant to young women. This would address questions theat our audiance  may feel hesitant to ask publicly. We used Reddit to gather interesting and relevant topics.
  2. Feelings: Initially, I was excited about the creative possibilities of podcasting but also nervous about the execution. The idea development process was engaging and enjoyable. However, my enthusiasm waned during the trial, as I became self-conscious about my speaking abilities and the audio-only format of podcasting.
  3. Evaluation: The experience was enlightening but challenging. The concept development process was positive, and the idea seemed viable and appealing to a younger audience. However, the trial highlighted my discomfort with audio-only communication and my lack of confidence in public speaking.
  4. Analysis: My discomfort with the audio-only format aligns with Mehrabian’s (1971) theory on communication, which suggests that effective communication relies not just on words but also on non-verbal cues, which are absent in podcasting. This could explain my discomfort with the format. Additionally, my lack of confidence in public speaking is a common issue, as noted by Lucas (2015), who emphasizes the importance of practice and experience in developing speaking skills.
  5. Conclusion: The lecture was a valuable learning experience, introducing me to the complexities of podcasting and highlighting areas for personal development, such as public speaking and adapting to different communication formats.
  6. Action Plan: To improve, I plan to engage in activities that build public speaking confidence, such as exploring other media formats that might better suit my communication style, such as video blogging, which incorporates visual elements.


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