My Experience of Katwalk Kimberley’s Marketing Campaign

My Experience of Directing and Planning Katwalk Kimberley’s Marketing Campaign 

Using Gibbs Reflection

Description: At the beginning of my placement at Katwalk Kimberly, it became evident that the company was struggling to increase sales, primarily due to a lack of substantial marketing and advertising. I proposed a photoshoot to enhance their marketing efforts. In collaboration with the director, we meticulously planned the photoshoot, focusing on empowering female models. We used Pinterest as our prime inspiration for looking at outfit styling and camera angles. On the day of the shoot I assisted the models with their outfits and poses. Initially, the models were nervous, but I played music to create a relaxed atmosphere, which seemed to ease their tension.

Feelings: Initially, I felt anxious about proposing the photoshoot, as it was a significant responsibility and a deviation from the company’s usual marketing strategies.  I began to feel nervous as models would cancel and then try to rearrange the shoot. This created a feeling of instability and upredictability. I started to recognise a need for more assertive management therefore I shifted my communication style to a firmer tone. This involed setting clearer expectations and deadlines with the models. By directly addressing cancellations and enforing a stricter scheduling policy, I was able to execute a successful photoshoot.

Evaluation: In my opinion the photoshoot was a success. The preparation paid off as the models delivered exactly what we envisioned. The use of music to create a relaxed atmosphere was particularly effective in alleviating the models’ nervousness. This aligns with Kellaris and Kent’s (1993) findings on the influence of music on consumer behavior and atmosphere in retail settings.

Analysis: The lack of marketing and advertising content at Katwalk Kimberly was a fundamental issue impacting sales. The decision to hold a photoshoot addressed this gap. By initiating a supportive and creative environment, we were able to produce marketing material that could potentially enhance the company’s sales. This approach is supported by Kotler and Keller’s (2016) emphasis on the importance of innovative marketing strategies in business.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the experience was highly valuable. It highlighted the importance of creative marketing strategies in business and the effectiveness of creating a supportive environment

Action Plan: For future projects, I would continue to use innovative strategies like photoshoots to address marketing gaps. I would also focus on creating a comfortable environment for all participants, as this seems to enhance performance.


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