Week 2 Personal Development Plan

Week 2 – Personal Development Plan

In our second week, we focused on developing a personal development plan, centered around a five-year career plan and the creation of a vision board to visually represent this journey. This exercise proved to be immensely beneficial, as it allowed me to introspectively identify the aspects of my life that truly resonate with me. The process of outlining a five-year plan also brought to light potential challenges and necessary steps I need to implement to turn this vision into reality.

The Vision Board:

My vision board is a vivid collage of my aspirations which features significant milestones and dreams. It includes my graduation which is hopefully the gateway to future opportunities. A focus on career development in the accounting industry which reflects my commitment to professional growth and financial expertise. The image of my dream car represents not just a symbol of success, but also the freedom and mobility I value. I have showcased a move to the city as I hope this could mean greater opportunities. The self-made quote on the board serves as a daily source of inspiration and a reminder of my core values. I have also displayed my business logo as a representation of entrepreneurial ambition. Lastly, images of catwalk shows are to show my journey in modelling. It illustrates both my passion for fashion and my dedication to personal expression and confidence. Each element on this board is a crucial part of my life’s ambitions. 

My Personal Development Plan 

week 2 Personal-Development-Plan-template

Gibbs Reflection

  1. Description: During our second week, we engaged in an activity to develop a personal development plan. This included creating a career plan and constructing a vision board to visually map out this journey.
  2. Feelings: I found this exercise to be incredibly insightful. It was a chance to deeply reflect on what truly matters to me and how my future might look. The process of visually mapping my aspirations brought a sense of clarity and excitement.
  3. Evaluation: The task was beneficial in highlighting both my goals and the challenges I may face. It was an opportunity to realistically consider the steps needed to achieve my ambitions.
  4. Analysis: In creating the vision board, I realized the importance of various life goals, like graduating, advancing in the accounting industry, and pursuing my modelling interests. These elements, including the representation of my dream car and the move to the city, all contribute to a broader understanding of my personal and professional aspirations.
  5. Conclusion: This exercise made me acknowledge the importance of setting clear, visual goals. It also helped me understand how my different interests and aspirations are interconnected and how they contribute to my overall life plan.
  6. Action Plan: Moving forward, I intend to use this vision board as a daily source of motivation and a reminder of the path I wish to follow. I plan to review and update it as necessary to keep my goals relevant and aligned with my evolving aspirations. Additionally, I will focus on developing specific strategies to overcome potential challenges identified during this exercise.