Katwalk Kimberley Placement – Overview

Katwalk Kimberley Overview – The up and coming fashion brand who is making a difference!

Katwalk Kimberley is a groundbreaking fashion company based in Middlesbrough with a unique mission and vision. What sets this brand apart is its unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the community by providing employment opportunities to individuals in recovery from addiction and those with past convictions. The heart of Katwalk Kimberley lies in its ability to offer second chances, change lives, and transform the fashion industry one stitch at a time.

Unique Selling Point (USP):

Katwalk Kimberley’s unique selling point is its dedication to social responsibility and community betterment. By actively recruiting recovering addicts and ex-offenders, the company aims to break down barriers to employment and reduce recidivism rates. Through this initiative, Katwalk Kimberley offers these individuals not just a job, but an opportunity to regain their independence, build self-esteem, and contribute positively to society.

Empowering through Training:

Abigail, the Managing Director of Katwalk Kimberley, is deeply committed to this mission. She recognizes that one of the key factors in successful rehabilitation and reintegration into society is access to stable employment. To support this, Abigail has implemented a sewing training course for her employees. This course not only equips them with valuable skills in the fashion industry but also provides a structured and productive activity that keeps them focused and motivated. By investing in training, Katwalk Kimberley ensures that each individual has a path towards a brighter future.