Week 3

During this week we have moved on to creating our presentation about how the story for our project will be told for this I created a rough model for how the meteor may look with the idea that it will have some sort of purple glow showing its not the standard known meteorite. Though this is only a mock of the meteor and will change in time due to us wanting the meteor to be able to lose pieces as it descending towards earth.

Week 2

During this week we’re just getting started with our idea of having a meteor come crashing to earth causing devastation in humanities last strong hold in their dying world. The idea is set to have the remaining humans of earth    all living in one city in a dome because the out side is not uninhabitable and to continue surviving they try to explorer the universe though come across an unknown species how died to send what seems to be a meteor through a portal hurtling to wards earth and the city.

My role is to model assets that will be used in the scenes as well as texturing models when needed. So far I have begun working on a rough idea for how the meteor could look like.

Week 1

During the first week of our Kino project we have been divided up into our teams where I was accepted into group 1 and have the role of being a modeller. So far during this week i was able to get a rough understanding on what Jack and Jordan idea they wanted to achieve which was to have a meteor come to earth and crash into the last city on the planet which inhabits the remaining humans on earth.