Final Thoughts

Well I’ve seen the final reel of what we’ve made and my first thoughts are I am very please on what all of us have made and watching all the guys over the course of the project and seeing them work and us grow together as a team has gave me more inspiration and excitement to continue working and really further improve my modelling and other skills so that when it comes to our next group project I can give 10 times more of what I’ve done during this project. Im also excited because I plan to further develop my skills over the course of the summer and Me, Jack and Rob are going to continue to work together over summer on another project we’re thinking of making and use that to develop our skills in our respective paths for future projects.


The research that I’ve done and looked into over this project has mainly concerned with looking into things that I could base my models of as well as when it came to me laying out the shots what i could put into them to make them feel like the respective environment they are such as scene 2.5 is set in a desert area so dead flora and ruins of buildings scattering the landscape for this I looked into things such as Nier Automata and images of broken buildings Nier for me was especially good as one of its areas was exactly the kinda of thing I was thing of.Image result for nier automata desert

Being the sort of like yellow colours with the broken building and when laying out scene 2.5 I was able to adding in a fog fluid with i lighten and made more into a sand storm which game a very nice feeling to the over all scene.

I also looked into different rock types and formations when creating my outer shell of the meteor trying to give a sort of cracked effect to the shards but also making the rock look like the have layers like normal rock would.

Related image

Other things that I was required to look into was small things such as paint effects which was actually quite a bit of help when making the grass in shot 3 and the dead trees in scene 2.5.  Another thing was file path editing with was a great help in the long run because if any of the team came into problems when moving files over to the render space or to each other I could then resolve the issues by simply repathing the files which eventually I think the others started to begin to understand how to do.

Remaining Weeks

For the last few weeks was mainly just laying out the scenes for scene 2.5 I mainly modelled myself with the exception the statue of liberty, the city and the dome its self. This was the first one I was given so at first I was mainly able to focus on it creating the building and rubble that scattered the scene. Then I got given shot three to do also which was a bit to juggle with being as I need to get the previous scene and shot 3 done because both Tom and Jack were wanting them to start testing their visual effects and begin comping.

For shot 3 I myself made the grass fence and wall on the left to mainly fill in that void area which I felt worked quite well. Though after I was done with making those three things and placing in a few more models that others in the group had made. Jordan came to help me out with tweaking bits of the two scenes to get it to the way he liked being the producer. We did this by literally working on the same computer and passing the mouse between us so it was quite the joint effort especially for shot 3 though Jordan came up with the ideas of adding in the advertisements around to bring a bit more life to the scenes.

Week 10 + Easter holidays

During week 10 we had our last presentation to show off how far we we’ve come up to that point and we also had our first time in the foley recording studio on Wednesday.

Foley was a great experience and id like to try and do other things with it in the future but during this session we all brought in various objects that we could perhaps use in our project I brought in quite a few things such as panes of glass sheets of plastic in order to get the right sound for the dome breaking which we found bending the plastic in a certain way worked the best and other various things which some worked well and others not as much. Though I was able to give back to Nigel because he wanted the glass I had brought in and broken up to  use for his/ others future projects.

For the presentation I though it went quite well we had made quite a few changes to our previous shots since the last presentation and for me having more updated assets such as my meteor and satellite in it. But over all I felt like we got quite good feedback from it.

Over the Easter holidays for the first week and a half I used as a more of a chill out time then after got straight back into the swing of it where I was given scene 2.5 and 3 to layout which took up the remaining time of the project for me to then just give over to our Vfx and comp guys.

Week 9 – Texturing and more modelling

This week I’ve begun work and finished texturing the meteorite by this point I haven’t had a lot experience in texturing so I’ve learned  quite a bit while doing this and by the end of it I’m quite pleased with the outcome.

I had initial hiccups trying to get the model laid out into separate UVs and found that Zbrush had a feature where it could layout them for me. This may have been the starting point of my downfall so after turning my model into an fbx file i took it into substance painter where I had a pretty smooth time creating the rock textures and adding the purple colour to the core. I mainly used materials and textures I found off of substances website where they have an archive of different material your’e able to pick and download to use. Once i had finished working in substance I took my file back into Maya this is where i realised what i had done.

As I had begun to work on implementing the textures onto the model in Maya I found that when selecting the different files that they didn’t come collectively onto one material. After about 2 hours of trying to find some way to fix this I came to the conclusion that I would have to input each of the files manually, the amount of files came to 268… This took 14 hours to do. Though on a positive look on this I now know a lot more on texturing and how to avoid this happening again and I did feel like it came out reasonably looking good and the rest of my group liked it.

Also at the end of the week I have continued on working on the satellite which I’ve decided to remake fully from my previous version still keeping the cylindrical shape to it but just developing it having added 2 more solar panels and changing the ends to have a dish and the coupling port.

Week 8 – Meteor finishing the sculpture

This week I’ve finally finished of sculpting the meteor. By the end of it I found that it had a total of 62 million points in ZBrush which wasn’t going to be usable during the animation process so I’ve had to project the texture onto a lower poly version of the meteor and go it do to 4 million points.

Though I’ve had to create an even lower count model for Jack for his simulations saying that I had to get it as low as possible because he needed just the form rather the details for creating his simulation of the smoke and fire that will go around the meteor.

Week 7 – Meteor the continuation…

This week I’ve continued working on my layer of the meteor and have got a more detailed version of Jordans and so far im excited and dreading of continuing making this model. So far I’ve begun by laying out basic forms to represent the rocks shards that will surround Jordans model these counted up to a total of 62 individual pieces as well as 3 shards which I thought could perhaps rotate around the meteor its self though I’ll have to see whether they actually gets used for the final animation.

Further on in the week I’ve created all the pieces and have begun adding details to the shard to see how I can match to the detail of inner layers while keeping a visual difference between them to show that they’re to different phases.


Week 6 – MPC Feedback and Meteor Layout

This week we got our feed back from MPC after sending it off for them to look it over and give us an idea on how to improve our idea. From the sound of it they really like our idea and there wasn’t too many problem with it so far the things that the did suggest was to slow down the camera during the first shot as well as change the lighting during the second shot to show that what the viewer is watching is a screen and other details to improve. This i felt was good feed back for us and was mostly easy to understand there was only some slight things such as the comment of the meteor stretching that we felt wasn’t quite clear.

Ive got Jordans meteor this week and have begun working on my part of it so far I’ve just started figuring out how I’m going to tackle the outer layer and have decided doing it by creating multiple sub tools, one for each rock that i create the outer layer with creating sort of like a shell around the inner layers.

Week 5 – Presentation 2 and rough assets

This week we have presented our second presentation showing how we’ve further developed our idea since last time. This week the other teams have also show their pre-vis though we showed one last week so simply updated ours adding in place holder assets as well as place holders for some of  visual effects. We also had planned to show so of visual effect that Marmik and Tom had created to there were some slight technical difficulties with the videos.

My rough meteor was also put into this one to the poly paint that i did didn’t show up in Maya for some reason so it wasn’t shown which was a bit disappointing. Though this presentation i feel like we’re working in the right direction and just need to continue doing what were doing.

Also this week me and Jordan have divided up doing the meteor between us with Jordan doing the inner layer and the core of the meteor and me doing the outer layer which will break away to show Jordans model. I also wont be able to start working fully on my part of the meteor until Jordans finished with the inner layers so that I can begin constructing the outer layer around his and I will also need to match the look of my model to his.



Week 4 – Research Flora and Satellites

During this week I was mainly looking at how to do floral pieces to put into shot 2 and 3 to be able to further develop the idea of whats happening in the shot. the idea is that the city would be self sustaining and in order to show this we decided to add the flora to contrast with out side the city’s limits which would be a barren waste land which I was thinking of having the opposite and having dead plants and trees. From this I’ve come across the paint effect in Maya which i’m thinking of using to flesh out the scene with trees, grass, etc. I’ve found a tutorial about the feature over on Gnomon and will be seeing how exactly it works over the week or so.

I’ve also begun looking into making the satellite for scene 1 looking into different designs I could do for it so far i think I was to do a long cylindrical shape like the image below.Image result for satellite

I also like the look of this satellites solar panel so may base my design of this slightly with those too.

Also Rob introduced us to a board game he has called betrayal which I’ve come to enjoy playing and I feel is getting us more relaxed around one another which will help us communicate better in the future.