Arnold Issues

Would it be inappropriate to title this entry ‘i’m in hell’? probably.
But i am in hell. 100%.
Just when I finally thought I had the scene finally sorted, file paths and all, issues have come up with the arnold renderer. When I finished populating the scene I decided to do a quick test render to ensure everything was in order for when it was passed on to the others, but the renderview window either came up horribly pixelated (not even just noisy, the image was made up of about 32 squares), or just plain black, and it froze if you tried to switch between camera views.
This is probably the last thing we need so close to the deadline.
I tried looking up how to solve the issue and eventually came across a suggestion to untick the ‘abort on error’ box in the render settings.

I tried doing this and its kind of worked. Arnold is now “properly” rendering the scene, but now certain textures are completely missing despite the file path editor showing that they should be resolved and working fine.
I’m going to try another suggestion from the same thread but it’s a code thing, and I’m nothing if not an idiot when it comes to coding.
Worst comes to worst I’ll have to redo the entire scene again, which is painful to think about but if thats the only way to fix it then that’s what i’ll do.

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