This Tuesday Mort, Jack and I went to the sound studio in the Phoenix building to record the stuff for the sound effects in our sequence. We ended up bringing a whole variety of stuff from our flats to try and come up with the sounds we needed for things like the ship engine, the fire and the crashing of the collapsing tower and ship crash landing.

It was a pretty surreal experience smashing pasta and noodles and slapping trays full of lentils in a professional sound studio for our project, but it was probably one of the most fun things we’ve gotten to do for this project so far.
There were some cool videos we saw both in lecture and on Youtube that were useful reference for the interesting ways you could create the necessary sounds from pretty mundane objects, like crinkling a brillo pad or bubble wrap for the crackling of fire, or scraping a fork down a baking tray for tearing metal.

For now we’ll be experimenting with layering and editing some of the foley we recorded to try and mix the best sfx for our sequence that we can.