Week 7

Things are going pretty well.
I’ve been  dressing the scene with our groups textured assets and it’s coming to together pretty well. I had a few problems with texture file paths but Ziyuan gave me the link to an Autodesk tutorial that was a massive help.

Using the video it was relatively easy to fix the file paths and reapply all the necessary textures.
Unfortunately our rigger has been having issues with the robot rig, so although it’s textured I haven’t been able to start properly animating it in scene, which is a bit worrying considering how far through we are but for now I have plenty to keep me busy scene wise.
I’ve also had some issues with some of the prop scales; some are much smaller than needed so I’ve had to spend a considerable amount of time trying to fix that so they can be put into the scene properly.

Trying to stay optimistic for next weeks presentation, putting the scene together now is helping show how far we’ve actually come on this project, so I’m confident we’ll have some nice test passes of our shots to show everyone on Thursday. Here’s hoping all goes to plan.