Weeks 4, 5 & 6

The Week 4 presentation went pretty well, I felt more organised overall and we got helpful feedback to work off of from peers and tutors.
Shotgun wise things are a lot better than in the beginning, as the group are more regularly posting works and works in progress to the project page.

In Week 5 we received the feedback from MPC, much of which was regarding the shots and camera angles. Shot 2 had an issue with crossing silhouettes which was solved relatively quickly, however there was also issue with the angle at which the camera was placed – below the robot- which caused the scale to be thrown off. After consulting the director I moved the camera up to the robot’s shoulder height, which fixed the scale issue but now most of the robot isn’t visible. I thought that placing some more robots in the background might help fill the scene a little more and  show off the robot asset we built better, but I haven’t confirmed that with Morty yet.

With shot 3, there was concern that it may look too cartoony, and also that what was happening wasn’t particularly clear. I’m fairly certain this was because of a lack of VFX but the momentum of the ship was also off. We adjusted the trajectory of the ship so that it didn’t bounce off the side of the tower and instead now barrels straight through and into the ground.

Now in week 6, I’m currently working a lot more on animation, although I’ve also done set dressing, along with  a small amount of modelling and am currently looking into texturing.
For Shot 1, to try and show the speed the ship is travelling at, I’ve added panels being ripped away from the hull and trailing back into space. I used a scene similar to our reference shot (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dmyi7GRl4Hk @ 2:08) to try and get a feel for how it should break away, but since the panels would be lighter I increased the speed at which they broke off.
I’ve also filmed reference footage for the robot animations in shot 2. I decided to try and animate the robots more fluidly and humanly, like the robots in Wall.E, rather than more rigidly and robotically to try and add more character to them and to try and push my animation further.