Week 3

Things are progressing pretty well so far. I began putting together the previs sequence that will be the basis of our final piece using simple blockouts to stand in for assets currently being created by our modellers.
The designs for the robot, hip and cooling tower – our main assets – were finalised by our concept artists and we passed them on for the first stage of modelling.
A few of our other simpler models were created by others on our team. They work well and fit the concept art aswell as the scene of our project, however I had some issues placing them in out scene as they weren’t scaled properly. I had to rescale them myself in scene, which was inconvenient. Hopefully after some reminding they’ll remember to ensure their maya scale is set to meters when they next get to work on new assets.

The feedback received on some of our previs sequences was really helpful for improving the flow of our sequence overall. Now it feels less janky and is nicer to watch than our first version. Hopefully I can start adding more of our assets to the scene before Thursdays presentation.

One issue though I’ve found is that a lot of people are lax when it comes to posting their assets and progress on Shotgun. Sometimes despite multiple prompts the director, Morty, and I find that there’s still little activity from some members of our team. This is something we’ll have to try and address moving forwards.

Week 2 Presentation

The week 2 presentation didn’t go as well as I’d hoped but we took some good feedback from the tutors and some of our peers aswell that was helpful. The group director Morty did most of the talking but I contributed in places with some explanations.
Penny said our main issue was that we needed to nail down the details of our project which helped us to focus on what we already had that needed developing further. There was also some concern that the cooling tower(s) were too simple and that our camera movements would be a bit too much for the audience in just 10 seconds, so we revised our initial plan to build on the comments we got.
We now have a fair amount of  work posted on the shotgun page although team members still need some prompting to do so. Hopefully soon everyone in the team will be frequenting shotgun and posting their work as they complete it.

Speaking of shotgun, I learned a lot on how to manage our project page from JT as he went through the different aspects of each project page with myself and the rest of the producers. I now know how to create assets and assign tasks to different team members, aswell as set deadlines and organise team posts via the tagging system that can attach a piece of work to a particular pipeline step for a particular asset.

Kino Weeks 1 & 2 Intro

For my Kino project I ended up as the Producer and Lead Animator of our team.
First week after we picked team members I organised a weekly meeting for 10am on Mondays for us to review eachothers work and sort what needed doing each week. To help improve communications between our team members I also went and set up a discord server for us with channels for relevant pipeline steps and roles for each member for easy ID since non of us really knew eachother properly yet .

In the first meeting we discussed and decided on our theme/setting and began handing out tasks. I took meeting minutes down which I post in a discord channel for everyone to review so that if someone misses a meeting or forgets their task its easy for them to just quickly check up on it.

I contributed towards some rough storyboarding, and also ended up in charge of gathering shot reference and cutting it together for the project.

Second week progressed pretty well. We sorted out our scale, I put together the powerpoint for the presentation lecture, and I showed everyone the reference shots which were well received. We met again on the Wednesday to prepare for the presentation on the Thursday so that everyone knew the contents of the powerpoint presentation.

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