welcome to the journeyman blog

(w9053051-student ID for Teesside University)

Hi my name is Kieran Liddell, this is my weekly journeyman blog to let everyone know my progress for the project.

Currently I have just finished some sculpts about the Alucard character from the Castlevania game series and i got some good feedback from staff and students and I feel very motivated at the moment and very comfortable with my skills yet still ready for improvement.

We have very recently been tasked with a couple characters each and i have been tasked to make a stylised feral vampire and a stylised gargoyle for one of the games teams and I got to say I’m very excited and the desired details and what they want from the character is just what I had in mind and gives me a lot of confidence and excitement for these two projects over the next few weeks. I’ve made a good little start on the gargoyle and I’m looking forward to adding to it in addition to starting the feral vampire sculpts.

I’m feeling good about m work and my team is very supportive and helps especially in lockdown with work motivation and mental health which I lacked a lot last semester. ill be writing next week to let everyone know how I’m doing.

thanks a lot,

Kieran Liddell