Final Year Project – Week 6 Progress

I worked extremely hard for Week 6 after a stressful couple of weeks and done my best to steer my project back into the right direction. This week I got a bunch done thankfully which included the outer shell for the car being mostly done with the exception for the lights, wing mirrors and tires which I still have to do. The rest of the car’s modifications and features I have added such as the dual spoilers, dual roof scoops, exaggerated side skirts and other detailed sections of the Impreza that are exclusive to the rally version. This week I worked how I feel I should have for Week 3/4 and feel like I’m at a good place to pick up the slack from them weeks and work extremely hard going forward to make sure my FYP is to the best of my abilities. The pictures on this blog post show how much progress was made with the new setup and how much better the model itself looks. Overall an encouraging week full of progress.

Final Year Project – Week 4 Progress

This week involved me back tracking on last week’s work due to the images resulting in the car not coming out right. After a talk with Darren, my tutor, he directed me towards different links to find better blueprints as well as videos to follow to set it up the correct way as it seemed like I didn’t follow the technique like I should have with how bad the outcome of the car  came out this week. This resulted in the model being awful and nowhere near the standard I had wanted it to be as pictured below.

I had instead found this blueprint of a non-rally version of the Impreza and decided that basing my model off this and adding the rally modifications whilst making the shell would be the best way to approach this model. Unfortunately this resulted in me being set back to square one.

Final Year Project – Week 3 Progress

Week 3 was the first week I had started to model the car, due to not being able to find good enough blueprints for the ’07 Impreza Rally Car I had to improvise and find front, back and side reference images for the car that were completely separate non-blueprint images. This week was just getting a base shape and following some tutorials on Youtube to make sure I was getting my blueprint set up right, It wasn’t too eventful and I just got a base “bottom” section of the car done as pictured in the screenshots above and below.

I feel like I do have a good base to start modelling the rest of the “shell” so to speak.

Final Year Project – Week 2 Progress

Week 2 of my project began with me gathering a bunch of reference sheets and creating more moodboards. This was to get a better feel for what I wanted to create and help shape my proposal which was due this week. I had gathered a lot of images for inspiration, including environments to set my scene in and some Impreza rally car reference (Inside and outside of the car, at every angle). Next I viewed some YouTube videos for techniques that would help make modelling the car easier, as well as some more ArtStation profiles to view that had links to the artist’s blog which showcased their own techniques. This week was mostly a “prep” week of sorts; helping me decide that I wanted to create a 2D concept for my environment and follow through on some of my tutor’s advice, visiting some of the links he recommended me to check out to get a better idea of how to set my scene plus how to go about creating it. 

In addition to my research, I had to culminate and summarise it all into my proposal, condensing the research I had done into 6 pages. I feel like my proposal came out well and helped me get a feel for which direction I wanted to take my project. The Project Plan I created seems to be something that will prove to be extremely useful, as I have a bad sense of planning on a project, usually being all over the place with when I should start certain assets and areas of said project. In conclusion, this week has helped me with what direction I’m taking my FYP plus which areas to further research on platforms such as YouTube and Artstation to enhance my work. Below is my list of notes to research and study for the remainder of this week and next week.



- Focus on the car

- Find reference for the Subaru

- Folder full of all details to do with process and reference

- How will I texture and material

- Blueprints for the car

- Will I do interior and exterior? What is the location? A Garage? VR.

- The Mill Blackbird car 

- Concept Environment but have purpose behind it. Background should be ramshackled, not so good looking to contrast with car. 

- Keep a blog about development work (Write it up this week) 

- Whilst doing Subaru, (get notebook) and note about project and environment

- Find the typical poly count for cars within industry games

- Research into the new GT game 

- Find deadline for proposal

Final Year Project – Week 1 Progress

To begin my Final Year Project, I had to create some environment / car moodboards to get a solid direction of where I wanted to take the project. I had my base idea of a detailed real-world vehicle model in a small-scale environment for a long while and it’s what I had my heart set on creating. I had to now decide what car to go with and the moodboards that I had created helped me decide to go with a Subaru Impreza as my model due to it being my favourite car which would result in me being more passionate about creating it.

In addition to this I am still gathering reference and getting advice from my tutor about whether I should have a race track or more outdoor environment. I am also deciding what Impreza model to do, with me leaning towards a rally version but unsure which yearly model said Impreza should be based on. The photo above shows potential ideas for a racetrack environment and the photos below showcase the cars that I had my eye on modelling, with me going for the Impreza over the other four options I had laid out for myself.

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