Industry Brief Week 8

Royal Armouries
Finally I took myself to a reference tour in Royal Armouries, Leeds.
Things I found surprising:
1. Massive gallery, it’s impossible to consume everything in only one trip
2. Interactive sections are fun and interesting
3. There’s hourly activities to enjoy

An ancient helmet that shapes like an owl, the rusts ages nicely and the shininess of the metal still remains.

Was the Italian gothic armor inspired by pasta?

Horse armor= Barding, I wonder how the horses were trained to handle such heavy armors and run around

The holes on the sword handle look like a person holding another sword, preparing for war.

In a latter stage of weapons development, people tend to engrave the symbols/logo on it.


Industry Brief Week 7

Updates on my sword
I used bevels and soften edges on my base. I encountered a problem while making the second layer, wrapping around the dragon skin on the handles. Therefore, I planned to do another layers of complicated details (high poly) in Zbrush instead of Maya.

Shout out for Nathan helping me out on the handle.


Industry Brief Week 6

Unreal engine setup
This week’s lecture is about recording a video. My lecturer showed how some of the seniors presented their work, through simple rotation, camera set ups and cameras flying through. It inspired me to make environment in UE4 for the sword and let it tell the weapon’s backstory.

Simple shapes to record my idea at the moment: an interior of te emperor palace.


Industry Brief Week 5

We are having blockout session this week.

I didn’t know where to start on my own so I followed a tutorial on Youtube – Medieval sword 3D topology while looking at my references.


Blockout 1,2,3:

This is the most basic shapes added, a straight blade with a pointed tip. For the following week, I will add more details: a dragon head on the inner blade, a more defined edges and a rough dragon skin handle.

Hopefully, the blockout will be done this week.