Industry Brief Week 4

This week we had a video calling section with Creative Assembly Total War:Three Kingdom team members. It was such an inspiring talk, especially when the host shared his whole journey from nothing to a successful character artist. He emphasized that research plays an important role in the early stage, especially the game is heavily based on real-life historical era.

After the talk, I dig up week 2’s note which is related to the importance of references.

I could not understand why didn’t I make use of this earlier and started to fill in the blanks. Content creators are such a lifesaver, I gotten more familiar with the game and it is always fun to read their comments/discussion/reviews. On the other hand, I finally understood the assignment, in this game, DLC pack is based on new culture/war lord. Once more, I am pretty sure with my decision, a pair of sword that has accompanied LiuBei conquered the world.