Industry Brief Week 1-3

Welcome to Jing’s Computer Games Art blog. It will be a weekly upload about my Total War: Three Kingdoms progress and behind the scenes.

Week 1: After knowing the brief, I find the theme is exciting and most related to my own culture. Three Kingdoms is one of the classic chinese novel, the first impression came to my mind is the mighty warlord, CaoCao. He is not just a grand chancellor but also a poet. Poem is always a good inspiration but it is only helpful for me to understand his characteristics. At the end, I decided to fuse the image of dragon that resembles the great dynasty on the glaive.

First draft + notes:

Week 2: I watched videos about Creative Assembly, the video game company that produce Total War Series.  Their art style tend to be more realistic and detailed. It might be challenging for a beginner to recreate similar artwork but never try never know. Other than that, game research consist of consistency and accuracy. I am not so sure with how my research are going but I gain more insights every time after attending lab sessions and discussion with my seniors.

What I came up with after three weeks:

reference board:

At the end, I decided to go for a whole new path, making LiuBei’s weapon, 双股剑(shuang gu jian). I might go for a more exaggerate look, adding elongated carves and shiny weapon cases.