week 3/4

week 3

unfortunately I did miss this works blog. In week three I managed to to come up with a rough draft of a pause, save and load design feature for are game. I attended all are meetings and workshops for unreal this week.

we also discussed briefly what the plan with source control would be, the lead programmer to the roll of build master, I as co lead is going to be managing the flow of work coming together before it goes to the build master.


week 4   

well this week we had a bit of a swap round, I have now been given the role of build master as the lead programmer was a bit sure, and wasn’t very well, so this week I concentrated on learning git and GitHub to an understanding  were we can use this. with several hours going through tutorials on git and GitHub. I can now say I understand it to a point were first thing today is to give the leads in the group a run down on what to do and how i am going to manage the project ready for the final build ready to hand in.

ill also be taking on other tasks the project needs doing.