Journeyman Post 7 (Easter Holiday)

This post will contain the tweaks done during the easter holiday.

The first tweak I am implementing during this time is making the player rotate instead of snapping when an input is given. I am currently looking to do this in a similar way to how it is done within the UE4 standard 3rd person character with a turn rate variable based on the input axis.

Towards the end of the holiday this was decided to be unimportant to refining the game in its current state so has been pushed aside for more important visual aspects of the game. As such I have begun looking into making certain atmospheric VFX for the game using the unreal engines Niagra particle system.

The first effect I am creating is a fire effect to be placed on torches within the level. I will be doing this by applying a material to a simple sphere mesh that I have created in maya. This mesh has lowered subdivisions to create a more rough aesthetic to the flame.

The Niagara system does a few changes to the mesh and to the applied material to give it the look of a flame. The first change it does is it will change the size of the mesh as its life span continues. Along with this it will change colour along the gradient of orange to a more yellowish-white colour. I did want to add opacity to this but the type of material used didn’t work with opacity as it wasn’t translucent. I didn’t add this change as doing so removed some of the flare from the fire effect.