Journeyman Post 5

This week I have been researching what I will need to do to implement my next target mechanic. This mechanic is going to be the ability to jump off of enemy heads

The current plan to implement this will be by having the player character have a hitbox placed just below their feet, this will then have an on overlap event that will fire when it is overlapping with an object that is tagged as an enemy. This is to prevent the event firing on other objects by accident. When this is true the blueprint can have an impulse force applied to simulate a jump, if possible I would rather have it so that we use an actual jump event but I don’t yet know if this would be possible to do.

Another measure I want to take when developing this feature is to make it so that it can only activate on a hitbox that will be placed at enemies heads so that the player doesn’t just jump when they run into an enemy.