Journeyman post 3

I missed last weeks post so this week will be a recap of last week along with this weeks progress.

I spent some time these two weeks going over the progress in the excel spreadsheet to see how we are getting along with the most important parts of the project.

We also have set ourselves a deadline to have a playable alpha version of the game by the 28th of February, this will cause us to focus more on these key aspects. All the currently in development or completed aspects of the game are within the high priority category as decided by the whole team.

I have started to tweak the players jump physics to try and make the player feel less floaty, to do this I increased the base jump Z velocity and increased the air control to allow the player to have some control on their movement when jumping.

I also increased the gravity scale by .1, I did this to have the player fall a little bit faster as I thought they fell a bit too slowly.