Week 14

An options menu has been added to the game which allows the player to change the screen resolution and various graphical settings

A number of bug fixes have been done this week fixing problems that have occurred during playthroughs

Week 13

Health Bar and death system build around this Health+Camera shake feedback

Health Kit+persistent health

Death screens

Improved AI

Main Menu

New UI

Week 12

A new method of attack has been added to the game that allows the player to create a circle of flaming Dinosaur heads to take out enemies close to the player without risking the player’s life. This attack allows the player to take out multiple targets at once adding more variety to combat.  This new attack has also been linked to the Discipline perk in the skill system, simpler to the other attack the Discipline perk will decrease times between attacks.

The enemy AI has been greatly improved with the ability to see the player and better attacking formations; attempting to surround the player and strafing the player. The enemies shooting has once again been changed to improve upon the accuracy as the new AI can cause more missing when the enemy begins firing, this was changed to keep the gameplay challenging.

A new enemy type has been added which is the Boss Enemy, the Boss can shoot quicker than the average enemy type but has less range for noticing the player meaning that the Boss will only attack a player once the player has entered the room or area where the Boss has been placed.


Week 11

The Dinosaur Attack combat mechanic now spawns where the player’s cursor is positioned meaning the player can attack enemies with more ease and accuracy.

The enemies shooting mechanics have been implemented into the game meaning that enemies can shoot and kill the player during encounters, the change to line trace instead of projectiles has fixed the bullets passing through walls problem that was causing problems.

Due to the accuracy of line trace I have added the chance of enemies failing to hit the player, in this case a random Boolean is used to give the enemies a 50/50 chance of hitting their targets to give the player a better chance of finishing the level they are in.

The maps have been cleaned up, removing all unnecessary objects and assets in the background or that were being tested out in the earlier stages.

Week 10

The skill system has been changed, I have completely reworked the system making the blueprint simpler and removing unnecessary repeats. The skill system now only allows the player to pick one perk when they are starting the game making the player think about the choice and adding replay value to the game. I discovered this method when testing out the Easter Egg the week before.