Week 7

I have added to the existing casino level making improvements and adding a destroyed based on the roof of the building featuring skeleton and makeshift buildings. A new level has been added featuring a train sinking into quicksand, this level will be the last level in the game and will be made challenging with the new ghost enemy slowly chasing the player over quicksand. This level with have close calls with ghosts getting close to the player on the quicksand and the player gaining ground when on the sand.

A new enemy type has been added to the game, the Ghost enemy. This enemy will slowly approach a player screaming at them to make it obvious to the player that this is a threat, once the ghost enemy makes contract with the player the player will explode into a pile of bones and the ghost type will disappear. The scream is taken from Rocky Horror Picture Show and the death sound effect was made by me.

The chance skill will now get rid of the ghosts so that players with the chance skill don’t have to face these enemies, this needs some work as I want this feature to only effect some of the ghosts as I want the train level to still have enemies but chance will still half the amount of ghosts in this level.