Week 3

Using materials and blueprints I have created see through roofs/walls so that a player can see what they are doing when inside buildings, this is important to the top down perceptive as players need to be able to see what the player characters is doing.

I have made a start on the basic Ai follow and trigger functions, at the moment the Ai hunt and follow the player at a set distance. The next step for these enemy Ai types will be an attack and a different trigger that will cause them to start attacking the player, such as an area the player cannot enter or the player attacking them, etc. The player can also attack these Enemies using the combat mechanic, currently this just causes them to dragdoll eventually they will have a damage system they will cause them to ragdoll after a number of attacks.

A Bandit camp has been blockedout and a few art assets from the Unreal Marketplace have been added to this map, this is the first area that the player will experience combat. This base is used to introduce the world and that humanity is on it’s last legs and people aren’t doing so well with the lack of food and polluted watering hole.

Week 2

Week 2 was spent writing my proposal and finding art assets that would fit the well within my project.

Week 2 also allowed me to get more ideas down and decide what I wanted my project to be and what I wanted to do for it.

Pre-production wise I have began designs some basic assets and making notes about what I want from the skills and locations

Week 1

In week 1 of my projects development I created a level similar to that of the first level of Fallout 1 which also has a cave based level before the player exits out into the world, this stage will be used to introduce the basic movement mechanics as well as other mechanics I will be developing in the future. In the first week I have created a blueprint that will acts as the attack system, this currently causes an object to pop up from the ground ragdolling the player character. Ideally I would like to change this so that the attack object appear at the mouse location but this so far has proven difficult as the mouse location is set up differently for Top Down mechanics.