Vision Board

During this week we were set to create a vision board for how we think and want our lives to be in the future. When thinking about the future and what I want to have achieved. I want to have moved out of the local area and be living in a major city. Preferably Manchester, the reason I want to move there is because it has a strong queer scene and for my brand its going to be heavily based around the queer community.

In addition, I already have a lot of connections that would be perfect clients for the brand that live and work around the Manchester area. Relating to my brand in the future I want my brand to have a steady influx of customer clients and maybe getting my work appeared on tv shows such as Ru Pauls drag race or even included in magazines. I want to gain as much experience as I can in the future and be in a good place where I can say to myself, I have acquired the right amount of skills to be a full independent brand owner

 Smart Goals

Goal ONE. Create and set up my own fashion brand.

“I was to create my own fashion brand and aim to create custom alterative garments for Drag queens and people of the LGBT community all around the UK. In 3/4 years, I want the brand to be stable and successful and continuously getting attention via shoutouts and tags on social media.”

Specific: Set up a successful fashion brand.

Measurable: Keep track of how many custom pieces I have created.

Attainable: I think this is quite a realistic goal if I continue to network with people and continuously get attention via word of mouth and social media.

Relevant: This goal is relevant in for my fashion career.

Time-based: I hope to achieve this goal in 3/4 years’ time.


Goal TWO. Achieve an Adobe accreditation.

“Whilst I am at university, I want to take advantage of the university and do an adobe accreditation so I can put it on my CV and make myself stand out amongst others when applying for jobs in the future.”

Specific: Take the Adobe accreditation 

Attainable: If I carry on working with the adobe software and take multiple adobe mock tests before the real test I think it is an achievable goal.

Relevant: This goal would help me in the future when applying for jobs that require skills in adobe software’s.

Time-based: I hope to achieve this goal by the end of the university year.


Goal THREE. Apply for a Womenswear designer job.

“Apply for Womenswear designer job entry level so I can build my way up and gain the appropriate knowledge and skills as I work my way up.”

Specific: Apply for a womenswear designer role.

Attainable: Creating a portfolio and strong CV will help increase my chances of obtaining a womenswear designer role.


Goal FOUR. Move to Manchester.

“Next year I want to move to Manchester as it will give myself more opportunities and will allow myself to be as creative as I wish to be.”

Specific: Move to Manchester.

Relevant: This would be beneficial for when I start up my own fashion brand.

Time-based: In 1 – 2 years’ time I want to achieve this goal.