Five Year Plan

During this week we went through a 5-year plan and why it is beneficial to set plans and goals for the future. This is for us to aim for something and set ourselves challenges along the way. When I am setting myself up a 5-year plan I need to be setting realistic goals that could be achieved in that time frame, thinking about where I want to be and how I can reach them goals.

Goals I may consider to set myself can be both personal and fashion related such a setting up my own brand, moving to a different city or even working for a fashion house.

Year one.

For my first year I plan to graduate from Teesside University with a BA degree in Fashion Design with a first class honour. In addition to this I plan on moving to a different city with my friend so I can have more opportunities that are easier to access.

Year two.

In my second year, I hope to have started on focusing on my personal brand and are working closely with members of the LGBT/Drag community around the city I plan to move to. With my brand id like to focus on creating custom pieces for people. Furthermore, I hope to have a stable job working in a fashion related job so I can gain experience and knowledge on the fashion industry.

Year three.

On my third year I hope to have made a collection for my brand that can be featured on a runway in the local area or major cities such as London or Manchester.

Year four.

On my fourth year I hope to have a strong customer base and returning clients that I have been able to create relationships for my brand. At this time, I hope that I would get the opportunity to have many works be presented in a local or worldwide magazine.

Year five.

For my fifth-year goals, id hope to see my work be presented on TV, mainly on the tv show “Ru Pauls Drag Race” as I will be working closely with queens who may make an appearance on the tv show. By my fifth-year id hope to have been able to create a strong portfolio of work that I have managed to create over the five years.