Investigating my Fashion Footprint

During this week we were set to find out what our Fashion Footprint is and see how environmentally friendly we were with out clothes. Using a website we were set to answer a set of questions as accurately as you can. This didn’t take long and the results were instant. After answering the questions my results came in and I was set with a Medium Fashion Footprint. Nor was I bad but I wasn’t good either.

According to the website I have a 24% higher footprint than the average person. As well as highlighting that my fashion habits contribute 2,002 lbs of CO2e annually.




Clothing Description: A pair of full leg ripped black denim jeans.

Fibre Content: 100% cotton. Woven

Country of origin: Made in Turkey



The brand: ZARA

Clothing DescriptionA Grey Ribbed cropped top.

Fibre Content: 95% cotton. 5% Elastane. Knitted   

Country of origin: Made in Bangladesh  



Work Placement

In addition to discussing out Fashion Footprint, We also discussed what work experience we managed to secure. I managed to work with Teesside Hospice, The festival of Thrift and Daisy Chain. Whilst working with these I developed and improved on many of my skills.