Easter Break (Weeks ten and eleven)

The Easter break was surprisingly productive, and I managed to make a good bit of progress on the environment.

Firstly, I created a set of playing cards using art from the Morrowind Collectors Edition art book, to scatter on the main table as a storytelling element.

Next up, to implement more story elements, I decided to create a quest / notice board. This was loads of fun to create. All of the art is again taken from the art of Morrowind to keep things stylistically correct. I would also like to note that all of the writing makes perfect sense and is true to the theme and setting, it is just written in runes.

“Homes for sale in Ald’Ruhn, home of House Redoran”

I also thought that the fireplace looked a little lack-lustre, particularly with the wooden beams I was using as firewood, so I decided to make some little logs to stack up near it and also use as the actual burning wood. To make them look burnt I simply used a material instance and turned down the base colour to darken them.

I created a quick dagger, mainly to ease the boredom of creating clutter props in all honesty, and stuck it through a note asking a character named “Hriskar” to sharpen said dagger. Another quick asset that I knocked up was a book, just something to bring the scene to life.

Some other bits and pieces of clutter were also scattered around the room, such as a new goblet, and some small red berries and Ash Yams, a staple of the Vvardenfell diet.

From here I moved on to working on my post process. Obviously, post process is a little too detailed to write about extensively here, but hopefully ill be able to convey some of the ideas behind it in my final report. I essentially wanted to darken the corners more and make everything feel a little dingier, as well as smooth everything out and cool it all down a bit, as previously the scene was a huge amalgam of intense reds and yellows.

This was mainly achieved using Ambient Occlusion modifiers and the inclusion of a Look Up Table, which is there to grade the colours in the scene as a kind of final filter.

I also did a lighting pass, trying to make the lighting seem more natural. In the end I had to resort to doing quite a bit of unnatural fill lighting, as it was really dim and unappealing with purely natural lighting.