Week 3 – Research and Development

This Blog focuses on the development of my first module in industry briefs where I am tasked with creating 1 artefact in the form of DLC for the game A Total War Saga: Troy (which I will refer to as Total War: Troy for the sake of brevity), the artefact in question must be under my discipline which is game design.

The following entry details the past 3 weeks of work under this module.

Over the past 3 weeks I have been researching Total War: Troy and the surrounding game mechanics of the Total War series in general to get a better understanding of the series and what does and doesn’t fit. I specifically looked into the mechanics of the game such as battles and bartering to see where I could implement my artefact.

I found the combat to be an interesting gameplay element to focus on since it’s been the most recurring element of the Total War series with my artefact possibly giving a unique spin on the system. During this time, I was able to create a proposal for my artefact and even provide a few rough sketches:

The proposal itself details my artefact for the unit. I decided to develop a gameplay mechanic titled; the finishing move. This mechanic allows players to quickly kill an enemy unit in a quick cutscene provided that they are low in morale and health. This is to speed up the process of battles and reward good play. It also has an AoE (Area of Effect) attack where surrounding enemy units lower in morale whereas ally units gain more morale.

I also decided to develop this artefact in Unreal Engine 4 due to it’s ease and cutscene tools.