Leeds Air Quality during Covid19 lockdown period and without Covid19 lockdown period


Do you remember the quiet days of lockdown when the air was clear and easy to breathe? Those days in 2020 were literally a breath of fresh air to asthma sufferers, when they didn’t have to worry about air quality.

Air pollution is the dangerous effect on an environmental health as well as on human health, which can cause/aggravate conditions such as acid rain, reducing sunlight, reducing ozone layer, global warming effect and long-term health effects from air pollution include heart disease, lung cancer, and respiratory diseases and sometimes birth issues.

During Covid 19 lockdown, we had clean air but these days, no one can imagine that how air quality is degraded day by day and to demolish our natural environment as well as our future generation.


The above Figure – 1(New-Blog 1) show that the during national lockdown period in the Leeds after 23rd March 2020, the concentration of NO2 pollutant was in decreasing trend due to less generation of NO2 pollutant from fuel vehicles, industrial activities, and construction vehicles, when we compare this Figure – 2. The total average concentration of NO2 pollutant was 21.60 microgram per cubic meter in the March month of the year 2020 (Figure – 1) and 30.80 microgram per cubic meter during this present March month of the year 2022 (Figure – 2). we can see that air pollution has increased substantially compared to the lockdown in March 2020.

So, everyone should have to wake up at an early stage for the real value and importance of our air quality. We can improve this situation by adopting more fleet vehicles, using more public transport, walking and cycling, increased awareness and fighting  against air pollution and  run campaigns on how to prevent air pollution etc and by this way, we should have to encourage people for the prevention of air pollution and to save our planet.