Week 9

So at the start at of the week I was finishing my creative writing submission and getting that finished and out of the way. Then as the corona virus pandemic was getting worse I decided to move back home and be with family at this time. Luckily I do all my work on my home computer anyway however this means I don’t have access to Photoshop since I would have to go into the labs to use it and the labs have been shut my university anyway. So I’ll have to figure out a way to make a good enough UI without it for the time being. I’ll be working on my project over Easter however the posts are likely to be lighter from this point on.

In the last week I decided to do something lighter in work load and finished my set dressing, 80% of which was just placing down flowers. I used the content available to me in the asset pack. While there wasn’t much in this asset pack I made the best with what I had. Here is the new and improved level!



Week 7 and 8

Hey there, sorry for the delay between blog posts. Things got a little hectic. I also had to worry about my winter school creative writing deadline which kept me busy for a few days. At the end of the post I’ll have a video showing off everything shown so far. So without wasting more time let’s get right into it.

Week 7 was dedicated to finishing off my level design. I started where I left off and made some jumping puzzles with moving platforms. There are platforms that move up and down, left to right and ones that fall when you jump on them after a few seconds. After a few of these is another glider section which introduces a wind funnel that launches the player upwards

Aerial screenshot of the jump puzzle area
Glider Challenge

The next portion of the level leads in to three different sections. One is an on rails section with obstacles to avoid. This leads to the end of the level. This gives the player a chance to go to the end of the level or continue exploring. The end of the monorail section will have the end level door that needs a certain amount of collectables to open.

On rail section

The next portion of the level is a section of challenges based on crates floating in the water. The crates bob when you walk on them. The yellow crates stay afloat when you stand on them. The grey crates sink when you stand on them for a few seconds. Some of the crates move left to right and up and down. There is also a section where the path splits off for a collectable. More on that later.

Crates floating in the water

Another portion of the level has a wall jump that leads to a jumping challenge using the launch pads. This leads to a glider section.

launch pad section
3rd glider section

I’ll show all these off in a video at the end along side what I did in week 8

In week 8 I set to work on my checkpoints system. The way this works is that when the player falls off of the map they will be moved to the last checkpoint that they have stepped on. The checkpoints are a ring of flowers on an elevated platform. When they are activated for the first time they will change colour and do a short hop in the air so the player knows it has been activated for the first time.

Inactivate Checkpoint
Active Checkpoint

I also made the collectables. There are 3 different types.  The coin is the most frequent collectable and there are 200 of them. The red coin is the more difficult ones to find that rewards players for exploring. There are 20 of them. The keys are the biggest collectable that rewards players for reaching certain points in the level and completing challenges. There are 10 of them. They also spin and place and jump up or move upwards when collected and play a sound. The sounds are place holder for the moment.

Thanks for reading

Week 6

For this week I wanted to do a little more level design and make a new mechanic.

With where I left off with the level design I received feedback that it looks like I should be able to glide off into the distance. So I made a hang glider that lets you do exactly that.  While I could not find an actual hang glider model online that I could use I decided I could make a hang glider by putting two leaves together which fits aesthetically with the rest of the game and feels similar to the gliding with a leaf in the legend of zelda: wind waker.

How the glider works is that the glider model is also attached to the player model but is set to invisible. When the player touches the glider that actor is destroyed and the glider on the player model is set to visible and the gravity changes so that the player falls slowly.

Glider Functionality

I also made it so that the ground pound and double jump are disabled while gliding so you cannot cancel out of a glide. I also added a wind thermal that sends the player spinning upwards to gain more height. While I don’t have any effects for the thermal yet I’ll add one in when I do the other effects.

More Glider functionality
Wind Thermal Functionality

I also added rings that the player can fly through. This will give the player a coin and disappear when flown through. I will add the coin functionality when I do the rest of the collectable functionality.

On a side note I should mention that me blueprints are colour coded. Anything to do with gliding is in green and normal jumping blueprints are in purple. The camera blueprints are in blue. That’s why all the blueprints in this post are blue.

Next week I’ll be focused on trying to finish the level design as I got a little side tracked with the glider to make much level design. I also need to get an animation for hanging on to the glider and figure out how to apply it. Here is a video of the glider and the other things mentioned above