Week 4

So for this week I have decided to start my level design. In a previous module I learned about the isolation principle of teaching a player a mechanic in a safe environment and then challenge them further using that mechanic. I have gotten a asset pack from the Epic store and used that to make my level.

I first made a starting area that the player can run around and get a feel of the character and learn to jump in a safe space. This was also the space where I tested placing down the assets in my asset pack. It’s sort of like building with Lego. I used all of the set dressing assets to make this area look prettier with flowers and trees and the like. I’ll set dress the rest of the level at the end after it’s all done and implemented.

Starting Area

I made an easy jumping section where the player will jump from cloud to cloud but should the fall down they can easily get back up the cliff side and start again.

Jump Segment

I put a box here that is higher than a usual jump and needs to be jumped onto to progress. This makes the player use the double jump mechanic and informs them that it exists if they have not already noticed by this point.

Double Jump Obstacle

I added a jumping challenge that is over the water so the player will die if they fail. This leads to a safe area where the player can recuperate before the next challenge.

Jump Puzzle over the water

After the next mild jumping challenge the path splits off. To the right there’s a small island where I will put the first NPC and his house. To the left is a section which leads to a jump pad which launches the player when jumped on and sends them to a platform with a collectable. There’s also a cloud that leads to a pillar which will house another collectable.

Area that branches off and can be explored

I added a jumping challenge with leaves coming out of this vine which lets the player get to high ground. I was originally going to have a collectable at the top of the platform but then the player could jump ahead past a section of the level so I put the place where the collectable will be on the vines lower down.

Leaves coil the vine which the player can use to ascend to a collectable

I added a section that requires the player to perform a wall jump to proceed. This is in a safe spot which allows the player to try the mechanic without any danger.

Walls that can be ascended by wall jumping

I decided that I will take a break from level design next week and I will make some mechanics to break up the monotony and make sure that the mechanics work before I make a level design around it. I can then come back with fresh ideas.