Week 5

So for this week I decided to create some mechanics before I go back into some more level design.  I have made a video at the end of this post showing off the mechanics talked about in this post.

The first mechanic I wanted to make was a jump pad. I made this jump pad so that the player can jump to higher areas that they cannot get to naturally. I also disabled the double jump while in this jump so that it stays fluid. The double jump becomes re-enabled when the player lands on the ground again. The icon on the launch pad spins faster when the player goes near it enticing them to use it. Here are the blueprints for the launch pad.

Launch pad BP#1
Launch pad BP#2

The next mechanic I set out to make is a ground pound. This was a suggestion to me by another student so that the player can get to the ground faster which is helpful in some platforming scenarios such as quickly getting onto a moving platform.

Ground pound BP

I also made a wall jump. I didn’t want to player to be able to jump off of any wall as I thought that might make the game a bit glitchy if they jump next to a wall. Instead the player jumps off of certain walls that has scaffolding on them. This is done by using a line trace and seeing if the wall has the wall jump collision enabled. If it does then the player will jump upwards and in the opposite direction to the adjacent wall.

Wall Jump BP#1
Wall Jump BP#2

While not technically a mechanic I made the camera automatically adjust with the player movement. Players will play this game with a controller and the camera does not move at all with the character by the default in Unreal Engine 4. You can move the camera with the right analogue stick but it moves like a tank by default and it’s clunky to use while jumping. So I made it that the camera will follow the player and this can be adjusted later on if needed as I have made the floats that would need to change public for ease of access.

Camera Auto Adjust BP

For next week I am going to do more level design and another mechanic. Here is the video containing all the mechanics featured above.

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Week 4

So for this week I have decided to start my level design. In a previous module I learned about the isolation principle of teaching a player a mechanic in a safe environment and then challenge them further using that mechanic. I have gotten a asset pack from the Epic store and used that to make my level.

I first made a starting area that the player can run around and get a feel of the character and learn to jump in a safe space. This was also the space where I tested placing down the assets in my asset pack. It’s sort of like building with Lego. I used all of the set dressing assets to make this area look prettier with flowers and trees and the like. I’ll set dress the rest of the level at the end after it’s all done and implemented.

Starting Area

I made an easy jumping section where the player will jump from cloud to cloud but should the fall down they can easily get back up the cliff side and start again.

Jump Segment

I put a box here that is higher than a usual jump and needs to be jumped onto to progress. This makes the player use the double jump mechanic and informs them that it exists if they have not already noticed by this point.

Double Jump Obstacle

I added a jumping challenge that is over the water so the player will die if they fail. This leads to a safe area where the player can recuperate before the next challenge.

Jump Puzzle over the water

After the next mild jumping challenge the path splits off. To the right there’s a small island where I will put the first NPC and his house. To the left is a section which leads to a jump pad which launches the player when jumped on and sends them to a platform with a collectable. There’s also a cloud that leads to a pillar which will house another collectable.

Area that branches off and can be explored

I added a jumping challenge with leaves coming out of this vine which lets the player get to high ground. I was originally going to have a collectable at the top of the platform but then the player could jump ahead past a section of the level so I put the place where the collectable will be on the vines lower down.

Leaves coil the vine which the player can use to ascend to a collectable

I added a section that requires the player to perform a wall jump to proceed. This is in a safe spot which allows the player to try the mechanic without any danger.

Walls that can be ascended by wall jumping

I decided that I will take a break from level design next week and I will make some mechanics to break up the monotony and make sure that the mechanics work before I make a level design around it. I can then come back with fresh ideas.

Week 3

Week 3 

Week 3 is where I started getting the character in and setting up all the animations. This is the first time I have set up animations so I needed to do some research and reading into setting up animations using animation blueprints and state machines. I had some problems at first with the jumping animation not going in an order of jump start – fall idle – land. After some tinkering around with the blueprint I managed to make it work perfectly and I am now confident with adding animations.

Animation Blueprint

During this week I also made the characters movement more in line with a 3D platformers movement instead of the UE4 characters default movement settings. I have got to a good starting point with it and I will continue to tweak and improve it as I continue making the rest of the game and the level.

In game testing ground with player character

My Final Year Project – Rad Gran

Project Overview

For this project I plan to create a 3D platformer collectathon inspired by games such as Banjo-Kazooie, Mario 64 and A Hat in Time. The game will have a light hearted tone and aims to be humorous. The focus will be on game play and mechanics.
The game will be a single player game where you have to collect various different items to progress through the stage and finish the level. You can acquire the major collectables by doing tasks for NPCs. There will also be platforming challenges for the player that requires the use of various level mechanics or mechanics that the player can naturally perform.

The reason I have chosen to undertake this project is because 3D platformers/collectathons are my favourite genre of game and the genre I know the most about since I have played them ever since I was a child. I chose this project because I have the most experience making games that are 3D and have jumping and puzzles.

My strengths are within making mechanics and making everything consistent and flow. I am proficient in Unreal Engine 4 blueprinting and I am look forward increasing my skills further through this project.

The main character is called Rad Gran. Rad gran is an old women who lives an active lifestyle despite her age. She likes to complain and comment on the situation similarly to Gex in Gex: Enter the Gecko.
She is based off of Granny Abigail Pucket AKA Red Riding Hoods grandmother in Hoodwinked who lives an extreme double life.
She is also inspired by Mrs Brown from Mrs Brown’s Boys and Mrs Doubtfire from Mrs Doubtfire.

Granny Pucket, Mrs Doubtfire and Mrs Brown. The characters that inspired Rad Gran.

For week 1 and 2 I was conducting research as to what asset packs I can use for the level art and what models and animations I can use. I have found a 3D platformer asset pack on the Unreal Engine store and I have a model with animations from Mixamo. I also spent this time writing my proposal and testing the asset packs I have found.