Week 3

Week 3 

Week 3 is where I started getting the character in and setting up all the animations. This is the first time I have set up animations so I needed to do some research and reading into setting up animations using animation blueprints and state machines. I had some problems at first with the jumping animation not going in an order of jump start – fall idle – land. After some tinkering around with the blueprint I managed to make it work perfectly and I am now confident with adding animations.

Animation Blueprint

During this week I also made the characters movement more in line with a 3D platformers movement instead of the UE4 characters default movement settings. I have got to a good starting point with it and I will continue to tweak and improve it as I continue making the rest of the game and the level.

In game testing ground with player character

My Final Year Project – Bad Gran

Project Overview

For this project I plan to create a 3D platformer collectathon inspired by games such as Banjo-Kazooie, Mario 64 and A Hat in Time. The game will have a light hearted tone and aims to be humorous. The focus will be on game play and mechanics.
The game will be a single player game where you have to collect various different items to progress through the stage and finish the level. You can acquire the major collectables by doing tasks for NPCs. There will also be platforming challenges for the player that requires the use of various level mechanics or mechanics that the player can naturally perform.

The reason I have chosen to undertake this project is because 3D platformers/collectathons are my favourite genre of game and the genre I know the most about since I have played them ever since I was a child. I chose this project because I have the most experience making games that are 3D and have jumping and puzzles.

My strengths are within making mechanics and making everything consistent and flow. I am proficient in Unreal Engine 4 blueprinting and I am look forward increasing my skills further through this project.

The main character is called Bad Gran. Bad gran is an old women who lives an active lifestyle despite her age. She likes to complain and comment on the situation similarly to Gex in Gex: Enter the Gecko.
She is based off of Granny Abigail Pucket AKA Red Riding Hoods grandmother in Hoodwinked who lives an extreme double life.
She is also inspired by Mrs Brown from Mrs Brown’s Boys and Mrs Doubtfire from Mrs Doubtfire.

Granny Pucket, Mrs Doubtfire and Mrs Brown. The characters that inspired Bad Gran.

For week 1 and 2 I was conducting research as to what asset packs I can use for the level art and what models and animations I can use. I have found a 3D platformer asset pack on the Unreal Engine store and I have a model with animations from Mixamo. I also spent this time writing my proposal and testing the asset packs I have found.