Week 11 & 12

I’ve had to combine both weeks into one post after my project is submitted as I’ve just not had the time with my PC basically being a full-time renderer. It was doing about 60 frames within an 8-hour period and considering the fact that one animation was 500 frames long this was taking ages. The whole render process was a nightmare and took way longer than I had expected it to. I tried splitting some of the work on the uni pcs the plan being to have a few running and my PC at home but the textures I used for my car wouldn’t work since I used a material from an updated Arnold plugin without realizing. I did try getting the plugin at uni but needed admin privileges to install it which I don’t have. A friend of mine did help me out by letting me use their PC to render out a couple sections which really helped out. I’ll be honest I’ve noticed a couple of mistakes in my final footage that with more time to render I could have easily ironed out but what I’ve done is hopefully going to have to do. I am still happy with what I’ve made considering a few weeks ago I didn’t even have a working rig.