Week 7

This week has been mostly getting the dance completed so I can import it into the transform file. I’ve been looking at the car advent on a frame by frame basis so I can fully understand how it moves but I m going to be limited a bit as the shape and scale of my car is a fair bit bigger so I wont be able to recreate all the moves that I need. For the most part ill be able to use the camera angles to make certain sections look better so I don’t need to worry to much about how the movement looks as well since it never was the focus of this project anyway it was more a proof of concept to show that I can animate with this custom rig.

Week 6

After my review I’ve decided to change my animation a bit. Initially the robot was just going to stand up but I think it’ll be much more interesting if it transforms as a forward roll so it would then maintain its momentum from when it was a car. The block out for the new roll is already done so I’ll just have to refine it to make sure the car pieces don’t intersect with each other or the ground. Also I’ve had an idea for what I the robot should do after the transform I was thinking it good do a dance like the car advert which would really show off the rig fully working.

Week 5

It was a pain, but I have manged to sort out my rig. I did need to redo both arms and realign every mesh with every bone in the arms but it seems to work now with no deformation so I should be able to continue animating now which is good. My plan is to start in car mode and basically fold up the robot to fit within the car so then when it transforms it’ll sort of fold out and stand up. For the most part it was down but sections of the arms are going to need to be re-keyed which shouldn’t take too long. While I was finishing off the rig though I did mange to set up the cameras for the car section of my animation so that should be ready for my progress review video.