Week 4

I’ve had a pretty big set back this week with my rig. I think I must have scaled a bone or something as I’m getting a lot of skin deformation with the fingers. Unfortunately, I had already started animating at this point because I thought the rig was done. I pretty much realised when a lecturer suggested having the fingers move which is when I realised, they weren’t working properly. Not sure how I’m supposed to fix this so I might unfortunately have to scarp the rig and start over. I’m giving it a break for the moment to work on some more research and to practise more with hi solvers and constraints but hopefully I should be able to sort out my rig.

Week 3

The majority of the car rig is done as its fairly simple to set up and I’ve started working on my FK/IK rig which is proving to be quite challenging so far. I’ve haven’t had the time to research the particle affects yet but I do intend to once I get to the stage where I can start animating my rig.

Week 2

So I have my models now which I’ve been splitting apart for each section of what will be the transformer and I’ve done some storyboarding for the cars movement with the transform blocked out in max using biped to give the character shape. I would have drawn out the transform as well but I needed a more visual aid so I’ve used the actual car model within max.

Week 1

For my first week of this project I’ve mostly been doing research on the rig I’ll need and any models like a car. I have had small amounts of practice using max bones and I’ve been thinking up ideas for how I want the car to transform when I animate it from looking at one of the toys I bought and some film footage.